The First Snowfall

Crouching low so we aren’t discovered by the humans guarding our path, I notice the undeniable elegance of a lone snowflake drifting downwards in the clear, black night. My cold breath turns to steam and fogs my glasses so I have to quickly swipe them with my gloved hand to watch the swirling motion underneath one of the security lights placed around Newgrange. Snow was late to arrive this year I note; on the eve of Winter Solstice.

‘Conor, can you read them from here?’ Aoife whispers from her position in our line, the third dark mass against a low hedge. I close my eyes and exhale, letting my muscles relax. On my next inhale I search through the dozen of guards’ thoughts.

‘Like you said from your earlier recon, Sean. They are going to rotate shifts in one minute’. I look to the large figure directly behind me, second in line. We all wear our dark Fianna uniforms. He even went to the added precaution of concealing his white-blond hair with a woolly hat. Good, I think as I rub my own dark locks, because it would definitely stand out in the darkness.

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December Challenge: Twelve Plot Points


I am participating in a few December challenges on Instagram, one being a writing challenge for a short story called The Twelve Plot Points of Christmas hosted by @markswears.

This challenge started yesterday so I’m already slightly behind. Oh well!

I’ve written my first novel based on YA Fantasy (specifically Irish Mythology) which is unpublished but I am in the process of editing it with the aim to approach publishers in the new year!

My Main Character’s brother becomes the MC for this story, seven years in the aftermath of my novel.

If you would like to follow my writing journey you can find me on Instagram and Twitter with the same name @iamcawright.

My first #12plotpoints post will follow on soon.

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